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Effective dog training goes beyond teaching a list of positions. We want our dogs to learn the habit of calm attention. Training will help your dog to be a better companion, and will improve the quality of life for both you and your dog.

I can help with problems like puppy/dog house breaking, biting, excessive barking, jumping, destructive behavior, pulling on leash, fear, anxiety, and aggression. For your convenience, all sessions take place in your home and/or neighborhood, where we want your dog to behave! Regardless of which program you choose, I will be there to support you throughout the entire process. Programs can be customized to meet your individual needs.


This session lasts approximately sixty to ninety minutes, in order to observe your dog's behavior and to clarify your goals for further training. I will make recommendations during the session, and follow up with written recommendations within the next forty-eight hours.

$175   ccards

Individual follow-up sessions $125 each.

This program is designed to create a foundation for a well-behaved dog. It is ideal for people who adopt a new dog or puppy, and want to teach a few manners and prevent future behavior problems. It also is appropriate for solving minor behavior issues. After each session, you will receive an email with notes to help continue your dog's progress from each session. This program includes:

Four in-home lessons, each approximately fifty (50) minutes.

While specific behaviors depend on each family's goals, I frequently train commands such as polite greetings (no jumping), leash walking, attention (eye contact), go to place, drop it, and wait.

Unlimited phone and email support throughout the training period.

Program Cost: $450, a discount of $50 off the price of four individual sessions.

In this program, we may work to address some existing behavior issues such as excessive barking, jumping, growling at visitors or family members, and lunging at other dogs.Alternatively, you may want to prepare your dog for therapy work, sports, or other activities. This program is ideal for multiple dog households, or for people who want their dogs to behave well in a number of settings. If you prefer not to do much training yourself, I will work with your dog to “install” behaviors, and meet with you periodically to show you how to keep up your dog’s progress. If desired, we will practice with your dog in a number of locations. This program includes:

Twelve in-home/on-location lessons, each approximately fifty (50) minutes.

Specific behaviors trained are based on each family's goals. Some common examples include: remain focused in exciting/upsetting situations (such as when visitors arrive), go to place, polite greetings, loose leash walking around other dogs, eye contact, come when called, give up possessions, and wait.

Unlimited phone/email support for up to one year beyond the training period.

One free refresher session if desired.

Free food dispensing toy.

Program Cost: $1,325, a discount of $175 off the price of twelve individual sessions.

This program is ideal for complex situations, such as serious anxiety or aggression, which require more than manners to resolve. For example, dogs that fight with other dogs in the household, or dogs that bite strangers, require behavior modification beyond basic manners. This program also is an excellent choice for busy families who have little time to train their dogs. I will work with you and your dog together, OR I will train your dog individually and meet with you periodically to keep up your dog's progress. With this program, you have access to your dog's “personal trainer” whenever needed. This program includes:

Eighteen in-home/on-location lessons, each approximately fifty (50) minutes.

While specific commands depend on your family's goals, I frequently train: remain calm and focused in upsetting/exciting situations (around strangers or other dogs, for example), polite greetings, attention/eye contact, loose leash walking in distracting environments, go to place, come when called under distraction, relax, give up possessions, and wait.

Unlimited phone and email support for the life of your dog.

Unlimited refresher sessions (with you), for the life of your dog.

Free food dispensing toy.

Free (2) retrieve toys.

Free harness or leash for walking your dog.

Program Cost: $1,995, a discount of $255 of the price of eighteen individual sessions.