Hello, and welcome to LazyBones Dog Training!

I am a Certified Canine Behavior Consultant and a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, recommended by local veterinarians. In addition to private behavior consulting and training therapy dogs, I have worked with shelters and rescue organizations for years. This experience has allowed me to help a wide variety of dogs with all types of behavior problems. Seeing the ways that dogs can go wrong, I know where to focus to prevent problems from developing in the first place. I know that a little training can make a huge difference in the lives of people and their dogs. I also know that, with puppies and new rescue dogs, preventing behavior problems can save people lots of heartache later.

My background as a clinical social worker definitely influences my training. I focus on solving problems in ways that make sense for each unique situation. I have helped people and their dogs resolve issues such as:
* Adjusting to new home (puppies and rescue dogs)
*Pulling on leash
*Multiple dog conflicts
*Chasing family cats
*Destructive behavior
*Fear/ anxiety

My methods are friendly to dogs and to their humans.

Besides my work with dogs, I am a Certified Yoga Teacher, and a mother of four almost-grown children. My family lives with dogs, cats, chickens, and guinea fowl in Chepachet, RI

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